AACTE/American Association of Colleges for Teacher Preparation Advocacy Center

Why Engage in Advocacy?  It sounds funny, but at least where public policy is concerned, it’s true: If you are not at the table, you are probably on the menu.  The educator preparation profession engages in advocacy to help shape policy that will affect the field. While AACTE advocates on behalf of the profession at the federal level, your voice as a constituent is also critical – in Washington, DC, as well as in state and local issues.  Without your input “at the table,” competing interests are more likely to sway policy makers’ decisions – which may end up placing your own interests ‘on the menu.’”

How Does it Work?  Advocacy is activity in support of a particular cause or policy. Any engagement can be helpful, but successful advocacy is characterized by long-term relationship-building. Establishing and sustaining connections with policy makers, agency leaders, and even the media can position you as a trusted expert, and developing alliances with other education stakeholders can help you support and amplify each other’s messages.”

What Can You Do?  Explore the federal and state advocacy links from this page: You’ll find many resources, including downloadable guides and hyperlinks to key government sites, available to support your work or just to build your advocacy knowledge and skills.

Sign up for AACTE Action Alerts: It will notify you of opportunities to engage in advocacy campaigns at the federal and state levels.

Check back often for new information: as the policy landscape often shifts rapidly. AACTE will help you stay nimble and ready to engage on behalf of your programs and the profession.”