SLCEC Advocacy & Civic Opportunities…

Civics course for high school students: SLCEC worked with the Illinois Civic Mission Coalition to advocate for a legislative mandate that would require all high school students to complete a semester-long civics course in order to graduate.  Illinois was only one of ten states in the country without a requirement that students study government of civics.

Governor Rauner signed HB4025 into law in August 2015: The new law requires classroom teachers to utilize four specific best practice pedagogies during instruction.

Civics class required for high school graduation will push the envelope, by Diane Rado, September 7, 2015, Chicago Tribune. 

Each year, SLCEC Member Universities welcome CPS Students to their campuses for Civic Learning Opportunities

CPS Students receive great exposure to university campuses while they engage in simulations, workshops, leadership conferences.  SLCEC has supported and sponsored the following Civic Learning Opportunities:

CALA 2017!


Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education hosted a week-long Civic Action and Leadership Academy for Chicago Public Schools high school students from July 31 – August 4, 2017.


Civic Leadership Academy 2017


Loyola University Chicago hosted a four week Civic Leadership Academy for Chicago Public Schools middle school students from July 5 – 28, 2017, that integrated literature, mathematics and civic education.


Model U.N. 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017, Loyola University Chicago


CPS/Chicago Public Schools middle and high school students worked throughout the year to prepare for the Annual Model UN Conference.

During the day-long conference, students negotiate complex global issues as they represent countries from around the world.  The Annual Model U.N. Conference is a collaboration with CPS Social Science and Civic Engagement#cpscivics

Model U.N. 2016 was hosted by NEIU/Northeastern Illinois University.  Click HERE for highlights of Model U.N. 2016!

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Annual Student Leadership Academy,

 December 2016, UIC Forum

Over 300 CPS middle and high school students / Student Voice Committees gathered for a day-long, student-run leadership conference that builds skills and motivates students to take an active role in strengthening their schools.  The Student Leadership Academy is hosted annually by CPS Social Science and Civic Engagement!  #cpscivics / #studentvoice


Public Policy Days

CPS high school students converge at UIC/University of Illinois at Chicago to learn about public policy and advocacy.

Election Simulation / Vote 2016! 

October 2016, Loyola University Chicago

Over 200 CPS high school students came to the Loyola University Chicago campuses to engage in full-day simulations playing roles such as state caucus member, political candidates, media representatives, community activists, and election officials. The simulation aligns with CPS Civics Curriculum Modules on the power of voting. #cpscivics


Election Simulation CPS Student Reflections:

What did you learn today?

How did the activities make you feel?

What will you do with the knowledge and experience you gained today?

Loyola University Chicago School of Education Students & Faculty Engage CPS Students in Learning About Civics, (November 2016)”   (Photograph provided by CPS Communications)