Election Simulation / Vote 2016!: CPS Student Reflections…

How did the activities make you feel?

  • The activities made me feel that we need to be more open minded to other political party’s beliefs.
  • It made me feel more involved with the community and changed the way people and I think.
  • It made me feel proud that students represent what they stand for.
  • The activities were very engaging.  It was interesting to see the students talking about the issues in the world today.
  • The activities made me feel kinda empowered and reassured.
  • I learned that a person can agree or disagree with other opinions.
  • I was scared at first because I was one of the candidates.  Then, when we had the debates I felt good and spoke well.
  • How to step up and get out of my comfort zone.
  • This activity made me more interested in politics because at first I never wanted anything to do with it.
  • The activities made me feel part of something important.
  • Educated; I got to experience a taste of politics which was enlightening.images

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