Election Simulation / Vote 2016!: CPS Student Reflections…

What did you learn today?

  • I learned that you have to pay close attention to who you vote for.
  • I learned a lot about this election; (the issues) like education, gun violence, immigration and more job opportunities.
  • I learned that there are many aspects to voting and many people behind the voting process.
  • I learned how politicians can lie and sugarcoat to make people believe.
  • I learned the Green Party exists.
  • I learned how to get my point across.
  • The way a person acts on stage affects the way people view them even if people don’t always agree.
  • There is a lot of thinking and strategy that goes into an election.  Make yourself aware of the candidates’ positions on national issues and if they align with yours.
  • I learned that there is more to an election than just the debates and voting.
  • I learned that you have to thoroughly listen to all of the candidates to fully gather your own opinion.rain-head-icon-png-15

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