Election Simulation / Vote 2016!: CPS Student Reflections…

What will you do with the knowledge and experience you gained today?

  • I will share my knowledge with others who don’t really know much or don’t really care.
  • I will use this knowledge to make educated decisions in future voting.  I will listen to other political parties’ beliefs.
  • I will make sure people fact check before believing everything they see or hear on TV.
  • I will try to be more open minded and notice the things going on around me more often than just looking.  I’ll be more open to other people’s opinions and responses.
  • I’ll try to explain things to people who are able to vote and help them make educated voting choices.
  • I will share what I learned today with my family.
  • Take the knowledge and experience I learned today and get out and use it in the world.
  • I will use this knowledge in my civics class.
  • Everyone should vote.  No matter how oppressed you are you should vote.
  • Educate yourself before voting; definitely.





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