SLCEC supports civic education research and implementation.

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What impact does participating in a critical service-learning project have on youths’ (who also receive support from the school social worker) pro social involvement scores, attendance rates, office discipline referrals, and grade point average?
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What is the experience of CPS (Chicago Public Schools) high school teachers who are implementing the CPS Participate! curriculum in compliance with the new state civic education mandate?
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How does doing documentary research on civic engagement and social action in a college classroom nurture classroom practices as a means to induct college students into the process for making curriculum student-centered, emergent, and reflective of developing active citizens ready to engage in social action, (“Social Action Curriculum Project”)?
How does institutional culture influence the adoption, dissemination, and implementation of the civics education mandate in CPS high schools and what high impact practices (i.e., service-learning and civic engagement) are being employed to vivify the civics curriculum for high schoolers?
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What variety of writing tasks do middle school students engage in action civics projects undertake? What guidance and instruction do teachers provide for students to complete those tasks? What relationships, if any, are evident between the implementation of civic action projects and the writing performance of middle school students?
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How do we understand National Louis University Community Engagement? How do we build National Louis University Community Readiness?
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The Integration of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Projects into seven courses including: three science and mathematics linked course pairs, and one course in Discrete Mathematics in the Math, Science and Technology for Quality Education (MSTQE) program.
Loyola University Chicago
School of Education Certificate Program in Civics Education for Licensed Teachers. The program will be designed to build the capacity of current social studies teachers to successfully meet the new Illinois civics mandate, as well as take a leadership role within their schools to promote meaningful civic engagement for all students.
Northeastern Illinois University
Examine the factors predicting positive, active civic engagement among both “non-traditional” middle aged and older adult students and mid to late career faculty members on college campuses.
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Provide special education teacher candidates opportunites to obtain applicable experience with social issues that impact individuals with exceptionalities in an urban environment (i.e., Chicago).
National Louis Univeristy
Spring 2017 Learning Circles