Join us for the 2019 SLCEC Civic Education Series!

The SLCEC 2019 Civic Education Series will consist of two workshops and conclude with a Civics Summit.

The workshops will focus on the process of classroom discussion, discussion strategies, and the content of race and gender. The Summit will address how well we are preparing our students for civic life. Hear from civic leaders, faculty, teachers, and students at this critical moment in the history of our democracy!

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SLCEC brings faculty from member universities together for professional development opportunities that build learning communities, including a professional development series for faculty and a civic education institute.

A typical faculty professional development series addresses the pedagogy and practice of service-learning, community partnerships, project design and development, reflection, and assessment. Faculty present their project ideas at a culminating event each year. The civic education institute typically discusses civic experience, civic education, various curriculum, controversial issues, and service-learning.

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