Virginia M. Jagla, National Louis University

Introduction to Volume 2 of Student Perspectives About Civic Engagement. Read More

A Letter to Future Educators: Making the Case for Progressive Education

Melissa C. Barone, Northeastern Illinois University

As pre-service teachers this is our time to explore and innovate, not to allow outside forces to dim our light and spirit for transformative education. For this reason, I am writing a letter to my fellow peers. This letter is meant to encourage a new generation of educators to invert the curriculum we once knew and develop meaningful educational experiences for our future students. Read More

Embedding Service in Teacher Education

Becky Kreidler, Loyola University Chicago

This reflective piece investigates the meaning behind engaging in community service in the context of pre-service teachers, specifically through Loyola University’s Future Teachers Club. Read More

Civic Education Training Promotes Active Learning with Real-World Outcomes

Becci Burchett Gauna, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Michelle Paul, University of Illinois at Chicago

The teaching of history is moving away from the rote memorization of textbooks and toward the development of civic skills. Illinois’ recent decision to require all students to complete a semester-long civics course brings us a step closer to measuring active citizenship. Read More

Activity Participation and Older Adults’ Well-Being

Elizabeth R. Tabet, Northeastern Illinois University

This paper accounts a service-learner’s experience at Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services (CMSS) in conjunction with R.J. Havighurst’s Activity Theory. There is great significance in researching aging issues and identifying markers of successful aging, as the population is growing older and people are living longer. Read More

Using Self-Determination Theory to Improve College Access Among Minority Student Populations

Tyler Smith, Northeastern Illinois University

College aspirations among high school students have increased substantially in recent years, but minority students are only making up a small portion of the total college population. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the application of self-determination theory during a service learner’s experience while volunteering at college access events. Read More