Julie Peters, University of Illinois at Chicago

Introduction to Volume 3 of Student Perspectives About Civic Engagement. Read More

Advocating for Integration: Acculturation in a Non-Profit Serving Immigrants Organization

Daniel Calderon, Loyola University Chicago

This paper presents acculturation practices in a non-profit, serving immigrants organization in a Midwestern city in the United States. Although the programs and services offered at this organization become pertinent vis-á-vis the welfare of the immigrants, their expected outcomes seem to foment the Americanization of the organization’s clients. Read More

Truancy in High School

Itzel Ruiz, Northeastern Illinois University, Jason Mink, Northeastern Illinois University, and Xochitl Aleman, Northeastern Illinois University

The main focus of this project is to analyze students’ poor attendance in order to understand the applicable factors as to why upperclassmen tend to miss more school than students in younger grades. We will be focusing on how students relationships with parents and teachers affect upperclassmen attendance. Read More

Developing Civic Identity Amongst Middle School Students in Northern Chicago

Nicole Karwowski, Loyola University Chicago, Sania Zaffar, Loyola University Chicago, Rachel Phillips, Loyola University Chicago, Katelyn Sullivan, Loyola University Chicago, and Holly Laws, Loyola University Chicago

Our focus on critical civic engagement attempted to build student skills in identity building, intercultural learning and collective social action. More importantly, students learn to look at policy not as a passive bystander, but as an active participant who has the ability to create change. Read More